What Services We Offer

When you find yourself in complex workplace situations, the Ombuds may be able to help you find your bearings and your voice.

We provide the following services

  • Listening, with respect and without judgment, to your concerns;
  • Helping you to navigate complex situations by clarifying issues and considering options for response and resolution;
  • Empowering you to decide what action, if any, you want to take in your situation;
  • In some instances, facilitating conversations between individuals.
  • Identifying trends or systemic patterns and recommending institutional improvements to administrators.

What the Ombuds does not do

  • Participate in formal grievance processes;
  • Make administrative decisions;
  • Give legal advice;
  • Offer psychological advice;
  • Keep records on behalf of the institution;
  • Advocate for any individual or entity (though does advocate for fair processes).


General Inquiries

Private & Confidential Inquiries

In the interest of confidentiality, it is best not to share details through email about your reasons for wanting to meet.