The cupola of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library is lite by the afternoon sun, on the campus of Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University Ombuds Office

The University Ombuds Office provides a safe space where WFU staff, faculty, and administrators can talk in confidence about any campus issue, problem or dispute. The Ombuds office supplements, but does not replace, the University’s formal channels for dispute resolution.

Contact us as a first step, or as a last resort, or anywhere along the way. Come and share your concerns, evaluate your situation, and plan your next step—if you want to take a next step.

Use of our services is voluntary and free. Visitors will find our office a safe place to discuss their concerns, no matter how large or small.


General Inquiries

Private & Confidential Inquiries

In the interest of confidentiality, it is best not to share details through email about your reasons for wanting to meet.